Scholarship Committee 2020:  Renee Lippa, Mohamed Hirji

The Edmonton Art Club offers two scholarship funds to our members annually via an application process.  The Card / Alling Scholarship and the Mildred Nelson Scholarship.  

Card/Alling Scholarship is for studies in watercolour.  Generally two scholarships of $2000.00 each are given annually.

Mildred Nelson Scholarship is for studies in mediums other than watercolour. Generally one scholarship of $1000.00 is given annually. 

Card / Alling Scholarship

Historical Information About Card / Alling Scholarship

Mildred Nelson Scholarship

Historical Information About Mildred Nelson Scholarship

The eligibility criteria is outlined in questionnaire format within the application form.  Should your qualifications meet the Scholarship criteria, we encourage you to submit your application to the Scholarship Committee!!!  Scholarship Committee 2020 are Renee Lippa and Mohamed Hirji.  Application submissions to commence in March/April.  Members can make application every five years per scholarship. 

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