Historical Data

Weber, George artwork image c. 1960
Turner, J. Davenall artwork image c
Taylor, Jack B. artwork image c. 1963
Manarey, Thelma artwork image c. 1954
Sinclair, J. Gordon
Petley-Jones, Lewellyn artwork image c
MacDonald, Murray W. artwork image c
Kitchener, Frederick Marshall - Charter
Campbell, Robert artwork image c. 1947
Barnhouse, Dorothy artwork image c
Henson, Percy H. artwork image
Cartmell, Alban artwork image c. 1925
Walker, Ella May artwork image c. 1930
Our History

Officially established in 1921 with fourteen Charter Members, the Edmonton Art Club ("EAC”) is the oldest continuing art organization in Alberta.  It has been instrumental in helping to lay the foundation for the development of the visual arts in our province.

In 1923, the art section of the local Council of Women approached the Edmonton Art Club with a plan to develop a permanent collection of art for the city.  Through their cooperative efforts and the Art Association, the Edmonton Museum of Art (renamed the Edmonton Art Gallery in 1956) was founded. Our contribution was recognized in the development of the Art Gallery of Alberta (“AGA”).

The relationship between the EAC and the Art Gallery of Alberta is embedded in our history, with the EAC being active partners in the establishment of the Edmonton Museum of Art in 1924, renamed the Edmonton Art Gallery in 1956.  The Edmonton Art Club contributed one of the first paintings, a work by Alban Cartmell entitled ‘Prairie Trails’, to the Museum’s permanent collection and continued to support the Museum by donating works of art and by contributing funds and instructors for the Gallery’s art classes.

List of Fourteen Charter Members

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History of the Edmonton Art Club