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100 years of

Membership and Benefits

"Our Members are our heart and soul"

Annual Fees $75


Applicants for membership must apply in writing on the membership application form (link is located at the top and bottom of this page). Applicants must be 18 Years or older.

Applicants for membership are required to submit five samples of their work which includes one drawing/sketch produced within the previous three years as well as attend 2 (two) general meetings prior to the jurying process. Applicants are passed by secret ballot at an executive meeting called for that purpose.

Members are expected to attend regularly at general meetings. All those attending 5 or more meetings and submitting 5 or more original paintings for critique shall be entitled to submit 5 (or number specified by the executive) pieces of artwork for exhibition at the Edmonton Art Club sanctioned events.

In the event of non-attendance at meetings or failure to produce original work, the executive committee may, after 12 months, delete the defaulting member's name off the role, after having given due notice of such procedure to the member in question. In special circumstances, a leave of absence may be granted upon written request.


  • Become a member of a respected art organization.  We are the oldest continuing art organization in Alberta, formed in 1921.  We commemorate 100 years.​

  • Participate in group and juried shows to display and sell your artwork. 

  • The Edmonton Art Club does not sell artwork exhibited on our website. Artwork sales are the responsibility of the artist.  We are not a business.  We are an art group, with benefits.

  • ​We offer monthly artwork critiques by accredited critics.

  • ​We offer Open Studio and Plein-Air painting opportunities in the community. ​​

  • ​​We offer a mentorship program.

  • ​​Meet and form friendships with other artists.​

  • ​Participate in workshops & demonstrations by well-known artists at competitive fees.

  • ​We offer two scholarships annually.

  • ​Artists Discounts at select art retailers.

  • ​We have an internationally renowned website.  Members each have a profile page on our website where you can display your artwork and link to your own site and/or blog.   Members are responsible to sell their own work, through their own venue(s).

  • ​​We are members of the Alberta Community Art Clubs Association ("ACACA"), Alberta Foundation for the Arts, CARFAC

Types Of Membership

Honorary members are members duly elected as such by the executive, as a tribute to a long active members or for outstanding service to the club. They do not pay annual dues and are entitled to show at least one art piece at annual shows. (Further definition of criteria is in the EAC Policies.)

Active members are those who have successfully applied for membership. They are entitled to participate in all club shows if they have attended at least five meetings and presented five works of art for criticism each year.

Members with disability designation may be exempt from attending meetings but not from the requirement of submitting 5 paintings for critique during the year.

Affiliated members are non-active paying members wishing to continue their association with the club.

Non-payment of dues cancels a membership. A membership may be reinstated on reapplying. Fees for membership to be determined by the club as proposed by the executive. 

Only residents of Edmonton and the surrounding area shall be accepted as active members.

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Mary Frances Fitzgerald


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