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Volunteer Hours


Volunteer hours and in-kind contributions often get lumped into their own category of “important” but not dollar-related. However, our organization depends on volunteer hours to achieve goals, that time IS worth money!

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How Do I?
Submit My Volunteer Hours?

Volunteer and Make A Difference!


Membership hours are forwarded to the Membership Committee.  There are two ways to deliver your volunteer hours.  Monthly during the meeting roll call, or, via email to the Membership Committee Marge Somkuti.

Example of Allowable Hours

  • Committee Meetings

  • Committee Research and Development

  • Education (social media/website/EAC related etc.)

  • Event Research, Development and/or Promotion

  • Executive Duties and Meetings

  • Exhibits and Events Participation

  • Facebook Promotion

  • Fundraising

  • Instagram Promotion/Research/Development

  • Networking

  • Newsletter

  • Poster Development

  • Research and Development

  • Social Media Promotion/Research/Development

  • Video Development

  • Website Research and Development

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