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Committees and Committee Guidelines

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Membership Committee

Membership Committee
The Membership Committee consists of two dedicated members who play a pivotal role in managing the club's membership process. Their responsibilities extend to both new and existing members. Working closely with the webmaster, they enhance the initial contact experience by building upon the first contact letter. This collaborative effort ensures that prospective members receive essential information about the club, its activities, and the prerequisites for joining. Additionally, the committee maintains accurate membership records, fostering a seamless transition for those who choose to become part of our vibrant artistic community.

Visitor Introduction and Engagement:
Beyond administrative tasks, the Membership Committee serves as ambassadors for our club. When visitors express interest in joining, the committee steps in to provide a warm welcome. They facilitate introductions, answer questions, and guide potential members through the process. By emphasizing inclusivity and genuine connection, they create an inviting atmosphere where everyone feels valued. As the first point of contact, they lay the foundation for lasting relationships, ensuring that our artistic family continues to thrive.

Mary Frances Fitzgerald - Administrator

Vacant - Administrator

Yvonne Bilan-Wallace - Door Greeter

Jan Fraser - Door Greeter

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