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Golden Products Demo

Golden Product Demo


Fall 2024

7 - 9 pm

The Orange Hub Room 440

10045 156 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5P 2P7, Canada


Samantha Williams Chapelsky

A 2-hour Golden Artist Colours Conversation and Demonstration! Discover the possibilities of Acrylic Colour! This event focuses on GOLDEN’s Acrylic Paint lines.

You will gain a broad understanding of each paint line and the unique qualities each can offer.

We will touch on the differences between Heavy Body Acrylic Colors, slow drying OPEN Acrylic Colors and SoFlat Matte Acrylic colors. We will compare Fluid Acrylics Colors to High Flow Acrylic colors, which have an ink-like consistency.

You will be shown how to find Pigment, Temperature, Opacity and Tinting Strength on the product label, and how these choices effect color mixing. We will share insight about transparency vs opacity, Mineral colors vs Modern colours, colour wheels and how to use our Virtual Colour Mixer.

Come learn the wide range of techniques that the lines can be used for, traditional uses, print making, college work and much more. Learn how to extend your paint by as much as 70% and create many desired effects.

We’ll also include the specialty paint lines; the Iridescent and Interference Colours along with the Fluorescent/phosphorescent colors. We will share how to modify the paint to change drying time, sheen and texture using GOLDEN Additives, Mediums & Gels. All of these acrylic products can be applied to a wide range of surfaces such as paper, canvas, wood panels and so much more. You’ll learn valuable information about our products and network with other artists. GOLDEN Working Artists’ will also share several examples, techniques and answer your questions during the event.


Bio of Samantha Williams-Chapelsky Samantha Williams-Chapelsky completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the University of Alberta in 2009, with distinction, majoring in painting and art history. Samantha has been exhibiting her art extensively for the past 19 years working in oil and acrylic. Her paintings are included in numerous corporate and private collections and are represented in Whistler and Toronto commercial art galleries. Samantha is the Golden Working Artist for the province of Alberta, Manitoba, British Columbia and Saskatchewan. She also works as an art instructor and lecturer, hosting workshops and sessions across Alberta.

Please note that registration is not complete until payment is received

NO refunds unless workshop is cancelled by the Edmonton Art Club

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