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The Value of Painting with Neutral Grays

July 11, 2022by Greg Watson

Just Paint published by Golden Artist Colors, Inc.

Neither Warm Nor Cool

Positioned between red, yellow and blue, is gray. And sometimes gray is the exact color needed to compliment higher chroma pigments on the palette. Grays can be used to desaturate colors while maintaining or shifting their value, the relative degree of lightness or darkness. They can also be used to create a grisaille as an underpainting or final artwork. GOLDEN Artist Acrylics and Williamsburg Artist Oil Colors have created a whole range of Neutral Grays that can be used for this purpose – without color bias, neither warm nor cool. Our Neutral Grays are made from a blend of Titanium White, Lamp Black (Williamsburg), Bone Black (GOLDEN) and natural iron oxides to create spectrally neutral colors that create an evenly spaced, achromatic selection between white and black.



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