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Super Textural Painting with Acrylic

June 16, 2022by Scott Bennett

Just Paint published by Golden Artist Colors, Inc.

As painters, we love the myriad ways we can apply paint and move it around on a surface. Inspiration can happen most often in the action and immediacy of using the materials. The history of painting shows us a large range of ways paint can be applied and manipulated to create many different kinds of textural surfaces. Due to their excellent stability and flexibility over time, acrylic paints and mediums have shown themselves to be the best at enabling this kind of free range exploration. In this article we will explore a variety of ways to create highly textured surfaces using acrylic paints, mediums and collage.

There are three main ways that high texture and relief can be accomplished that we will discuss in this article:

  1. Direct application and manipulation of higher viscosity paints and paint/medium mixtures.

  2. Layered build-up of paints over textured surfaces.

  3. Collage work with fabrics, paper, acrylic skins, cast acrylic and experimental collage elements.



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