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The Edmonton Art Club has social media Facebook and Instagram

Members are encouraged to upload artwork images and related content to these pages.  Let's feature our many voices!

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Social Media

Jasmin Alstad
Social Media Contributor

Hello Everyone!

For those who don’t know me, I’m Jasmin, for those who do, Hello! I will be taking over the social media platforms for our art club, I will try my best to get posts in weekly and try to get more traffic to our group as well as personal artists' sites.  If anyone has ideas for fun posts throw them my way. 

I would also like to do “Artist of the week”, I will share this on both Facebook and Instagram and invite you to share the post on your personal sites when it’s you being featured.      With that…

I am thinking of posting a fun light 10 question interview, 4-5 photos of your artwork and a mini Bio. My first post will be on February 1st.

Download and email the questionnaire


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All members are encouraged to post on our social media channels.  Post your artwork, work-in-progress, art shows and exhibits, art related news items