eac xmas photo 2019

Member Profiles


The website functions as a communication tool enabling members to feature their artwork with a dedicated profile page.  In addition, Members are featured in our online gallery, promotional media, and a media gallery on the website home page.



Allowing for a consistent exhibiting gallery, members' profile pages are updated once per year during the September rotation.

  • BIO maximum 200 words.

  • 8 artwork images per member. 

  • 7 for the gallery and 1 for your BIO icon.  Your BIO icon is also used in conjunction with all other artist features (i.e home page, online gallery, promotional items

  • Please indicate which image you prefer for your BIO icon.

  • The image you choose for BIO icon is also used on the homepage gallery, our online gallery video and social media channels


If you not replacing all your images, indicate which ones will be replaced.  Please ensure good image quality.

All submitted images to include the following:

  • title

  • medium

  • size

  • cropped without the frame showing

  • eliminate glare, if behind glass, remove it from the frame before taking the photo

  • ensure the image is in focus, not blurry

  • PNG or tiff format preferred, 300dpi

  • If a picture you take can be printed on a colour printer on 4 x 6 photo paper and show up sharp, it should be barely good enough, printing sharp on 8 x 10 however, is ideal as that gives us leeway to fix things like distortion.