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Critique Night Guidelines

We offer monthly artwork critiques by accredited critics

Art criticism is an important facet in the process of creating, sharing, and understanding art.  Each member is allowed to bring one piece of artwork per meeting for critique. Artwork can be a work-in-progress or a finished piece.

Critique Guidelines

Guidelines for critique night. Description of qualifications and more....

Four Steps to Critiquing Art

A descriptive four step process for critiquing art.

List of our Art Critics 2018 - 2021

A list of our past critics

Committee Description and Guidelines

Resources for critic organizer, critic photographer and critique writer

Critique Info and Guidelines

Our Art Critics

Critique Committee

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Artwork Images for Newsletter

"Please ensure that the photo you take is not processed in any way. If you are taking the photo with your iPhone at default settings, it will be more than adequate. My iPhone is 6 years old and takes good enough pictures. I imagine iPads are no different.


Avoid taking pictures with inexpensive point-and-shoot cameras, unless you are sure about the quality.  If a picture you take can be printed on a colour printer on 4 x 6 photo paper and show up sharp, it should be barely good enough, printing sharp on 8 x 10 however, is ideal as that gives us leeway to fix things like distortion.

Thanks, Rob Guetre

Email newsletter images to Rob Guetre (

Artwork Images Guidelines

When submitting a piece of artwork for critique night, please note the following guidelines:

  • you need to be an adjudicated  member of the Edmonton Art Club

  • you must be in attendance at the critique

  • artwork cannot be greater than 3 years old

  • can be a work in progress

  • does not have to be framed

  • any medium

  • any size

  • each piece of artwork can only be submitted for critique once unless it is transitioning from "work in progress" to "final".

Email artwork images to Rob Guetre (

no later than 5 days after our critique night.  During ZOOM the deadline is: Thursday BEFORE our monthly meeting, 7pm.  

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