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Critique Night Guidelines

We offer monthly artwork critiques by accredited critics

Art criticism is an important facet in the process of creating, sharing, and understanding art.  Each member is allowed to bring one piece of artwork per meeting for critique. Artwork can be a work-in-progress or a finished piece.

Painting Easels

Your Artwork Presentation Guidelines

The promotion of works-in-progress, presenting the critique as a learning session with a view of adopting a more inclusive process that is more in line with our contemporaries SWCA and the FCA.

  • A piece be completed 3/4 done. 

  • A piece can be 100% finished but the artist is still unsure if it really is or there are issues that they are unsure of. 

  • It is to be a learning session. 

  • Sides do not need to be finished or that it is framed as long it is presenting stable and with intent.

  • The critic is there to talk about the piece not the frame it may or may not have.


The Red Dot System – labels with your name are located in the display area.  Please affix a red dot (supplied in display area).

Critique Info and Guidelines

Critique Guidelines

Guidelines for critique night. Description of qualifications and more....

Four Steps to Critiquing Art

A descriptive four step process for critiquing art.

List of our Art Critics 2018 - 2021

A list of our past critics

Committee Description and Guidelines

Resources for critic organizer, critic photographer and critique writer

Our Art Critics

Critique Committee

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