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Committees and Committee Guidelines

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Workshop Committee

The Edmonton Art Club's Workshop Committee, led by a Chair and supported by up to four dedicated organizers, is tasked with the vital function of crafting and supervising the club's workshop agenda.

These organizers are pivotal, reporting to the Chair to ensure a unified approach, as they gather research, secure committee consent, and oversee the execution of the workshops.

Workshops are the pulsating heart of our club, infusing our artistic community with vibrancy, nurturing talents, and unlocking doors to grants and funding. Hosting these workshops internally is not only a catalyst for creativity but also a strategic move that ensures financial gains are reinvested into our artistic ventures, maintaining our autonomy and financial health

The Workshop Committee conducts research, devises, and oversees the workshop program. Organizers, reporting to the Chair, compile workshop research and present it to the committee for approval and subsequent implementation.

The organizers, as integral members of the Workshop Committee, play a crucial role in researching and developing workshop content. They report directly to the Chair, ensuring that decisions are collaborative and not made unilaterally. Their responsibilities encompass assembling workshop research, seeking committee approval, and facilitating the implementation of agreed-upon strategies.

Workshops are the lifeblood of our club, weaving themselves into the very fabric of our artistic community. Not only do they ignite creativity and foster skill development, but they also hold the key to grant eligibility. The more in-house workshops we host, the wider the doors swing open to potential funding. These workshops become stepping stones toward securing financial support for our endeavors.

Moreover, there's a strategic advantage in keeping our workshops in-house rather than collaborating with external art groups. By doing so, we ensure that the profits generated from these workshops remain within our club. It's a matter of stewardship—preserving the fruits of our labor and reinvesting them into our artistic pursuits.

Simply having our name associated with dual hosting without actively pursuing a fair 50/50 split is not an ideal approach.

Seraya Smit - Chair

Jani Galarneau - Co-Chair

Donna Chamberland - Organizer

Vacant - Organizer

Vacant - Organizer

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