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Committees and Committee Guidelines

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Website Committee

Design and Functionality:
As the Webmaster, your canvas extends far beyond pixels and code. You're the architect of our digital home—a place where artists converge, ideas flourish, and creativity finds its virtual stage. Your design decisions shape the user experience, from the elegant navigation menus to the harmonious color palette. But it's not just aesthetics; functionality reigns supreme. You meticulously ensure that every button click, every link, every form submission dances seamlessly. The website isn't merely a static display; it's a dynamic gallery where art meets technology. And when a user lands on our homepage, they should feel the pulse of our artistic community—the heartbeat of inspiration.

Real-Time Accuracy and Accessibility:
Your role transcends aesthetics; it's about accuracy in real time. The information you curate—event details, membership forms, gallery showcases—must be as fresh as a newly painted canvas. When a member seeks the latest workshop schedule or a visitor yearns to explore our gallery, they rely on your meticulous upkeep. Broken links? Not on your watch. You're the troubleshooter, the code whisperer, ensuring that our site functions like a well-tuned instrument. And accessibility? It's not an afterthought; it's woven into your design fabric. From alt text for images to responsive layouts, you champion inclusivity. Because art knows no boundaries, and neither should our website.

Seraya Smit - Website Developer and Maintenance

Michaela Yanish - Moderator

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