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Social Media Committee

Social Media Committee: Navigating Our Digital Canvas

The Edmonton Art Club proudly maintains an active presence across two major social media platforms: Facebook and Instagram. Within this digital landscape, distinct roles come into play: the Admin, the Editor, and the Moderator. Let's delve into the intricacies of our online realm.

Platform Overview:
As previously communicated, our club operates on three social media fronts. We have a Facebook page, a vibrant hub for sharing announcements, events, and artistic inspiration. Additionally, there's a Facebook group, fostering community interaction among members. And finally, our Instagram account—a visual feast that automatically syncs with our Facebook page. However, it's essential to note that our Facebook group isn't directly linked to Instagram. Here's a pro tip: when posting in the group, manually share that content to our Facebook page. The magic happens—the page then seamlessly feeds into Instagram.

Consistency and Engagement:
In the past, we've had various social media moderators, but consistency and dedication were sometimes elusive. Now, here's the exciting part: you don't need my permission to post! All club members are encouraged to contribute. Our pages thrive on fresh content, updated weekly. However, tread carefully—too many posts can overwhelm our followers, leading to negative reactions and unfollows. Equally important, avoid diluting impactful messages by posting too frequently. Quality over quantity, always.

Audience Insights and Moderation:
Pay attention to recent activity. If there's a flurry of engagement, consider scheduling your post for a later time. We want to engage our audience without bombarding them. Keep in mind that while all club members are welcome to post, approximately 80% of our membership isn't active on social media. Our primary audience? Non-members who peek into our artistic world. Lastly, a gentle reminder: only official members are authorized to publish on our Facebook account. I typically decline about five non-member requests per month. But fear not—moderation isn't your task. Your role is to enrich and engage our social media followers, painting our digital canvas with creativity and connection.

Seraya Smit - Administrator

Michaela Yanish - Moderator

Mary Frances Fitzgerald - Moderator

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