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Committees and Committee Guidelines

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Social Convenor Committee

The Social Convenor of the Edmonton Art Club plays a pivotal role in fostering a sense of community and warmth, primarily through the thoughtful presentation of coffee and cookies at monthly meetings. This position not only involves meticulous preparation and supply management but also embodies the spirit of hospitality that enhances the club's creative and friendly atmosphere.

Monthly Meeting Hospitality:
As the Social Convenor, your role revolves around creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere during our monthly meetings. Specifically, you're in charge of the coffee and cookie presentation. When members arrive, that first cup of coffee can set the tone for the entire gathering. So, ensure that the coffee is ready to go by 6:30 PM—a comforting ritual that brings us together.

Supply Management and Communication:
Life happens, and sometimes you might be away during a meeting. In such cases, it's crucial to liaise with your fellow committee members. If you're the keeper of all the coffee supplies, coordinate with others to ensure a seamless transition. We've set up a system: please leave all the necessary supplies in the locker for the committee member(s) who will be attending the meeting. This way, our hospitality remains consistent, regardless of who's at the helm.

Organize a Schedule and Supply List:
To streamline our efforts, let's create a schedule. Assign specific dates to each Social Convenor, ensuring that everyone gets a chance to contribute. Additionally, maintain a comprehensive supply list. From coffee beans to creamer, cookies to napkins, having everything documented ensures that no detail is overlooked. Let's collaborate and keep our hospitality top-notch!

Mutual Support and Communication:
As a team, we're stronger when we support each other. If you encounter any challenges or need assistance, don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to help! Regular communication among committee members is essential. Share insights, tips, and any adjustments to the routine. By keeping each other informed, we'll maintain a consistent and delightful experience for all our members.

Remember the Little Things:
Sometimes, it's the small gestures that make the biggest impact. A friendly smile, a perfectly brewed cup of coffee, and a plate of cookies—they all contribute to the sense of community within our club. So, as the Social Convenor, pay attention to those little details. They add up to create an environment where creativity thrives, friendships blossom, and our artistic family feels right at home.

Johanne Septou - Moderator

Frances Hessels - Moderator

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