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Committees and Committee Guidelines

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Social Committee

The Social Committee is the heartbeat of our club, fostering a welcoming atmosphere where every member can connect and share their passion for art. Our aim is to create a variety of social events that resonate with our diverse group of artists. The highlight of our social calendar is the annual Christmas celebration, which garners the most attention and planning. In collaboration with our Treasurer, who is also a committee member, we meticulously craft a budget to ensure the event's success.

We are always open to fresh and innovative ideas for social engagement. These concepts are the seeds that can grow into a flourishing series of events throughout the year. It's never too early to bring your visionary ideas to the table; they are the catalysts that help us shape a dynamic and engaging social agenda. With your input, we can transform our club into a lively, interactive community, where every gathering is a celebration of our shared love for art.

Seraya Smit - Chair

Jani Galarneau - Moderator

Penny Lamnek- Moderator

Michaela Yanish - Moderator

Vacant - Moderator

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