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Committees and Committee Guidelines

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Scholarship Committee

The Scholarship Committee of the Edmonton Art Club plays a pivotal role in overseeing the annual scholarship program, which is exclusive to members. The club proudly offers two scholarships: the Mildred Nelson Scholarship, a $1,000 award for mixed media, and the Card/Alling Scholarship, which grants two $1,000 certificates for watercolor artists. The committee is composed of the previous year's scholarship recipients, with one individual advancing to a two-year term to become the chair.

The Chair is responsible for gathering all scholarship applications and, in collaboration with the Critic Organizer, appoints a critic for the June membership meeting. This is a special event where scholarship winners are both announced and honoured. The critic may assist the committee in evaluating the applicants if there is more than one per category. However, in cases where there is only a single applicant for a scholarship, the Chair has the authority to bestow the award directly. Traditionally the Chair is responsible for informing the recipients via a congratulatory telephone call, before the June meeting.

Additionally, the Chair liaises with the Treasurer to ensure that each recipient receives their award recognition during the June gathering. This process not only celebrates artistic achievement but also encourages the pursuit of artistic excellence within the club.

Jani Galarneau - Chair

Jenny Rodrigue - Moderator

Sharon Moore Foster 2024 Appointed Scholarship and June Critic

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