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Committees and Committee Guidelines

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Rental Space Committee

Planning and Negotiation:
The Rental Coordinator is the strategic planner behind the scenes, ensuring that every club event has a suitable venue. This involves not just securing spaces but also negotiating terms that align with the club's needs and budget constraints. They are adept at foreseeing potential scheduling conflicts and addressing them proactively. Their negotiations cover everything from the size and layout of the space to the availability of necessary amenities. The coordinator's ability to secure favorable terms is crucial for the smooth operation of the club's calendar of events.

Liaison and Communication:
In their role, the Rental Coordinator also serves as a liaison between the club and venue providers. They maintain open lines of communication to ensure that any updates or changes are promptly relayed. This includes confirming bookings, adjusting to any special requirements for workshops or events, and ensuring that all details are in place well ahead of time. Their meticulous attention to detail and strong communication skills are vital in creating successful events that leave a lasting impression on members and guests alike.

Seraya Smit - Administrator

Vacant, Co-Ordinator

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