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Committees and Committee Guidelines

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Publicity Committee

The Publicity Committee researches and facilitates publicity for the Edmonton Art Club.

Strategic Outreach and Research:
The Publicity Committee serves as the voice of the Edmonton Art Club, crafting the narrative that will resonate with the public and the art community. Their diligent research uncovers the most effective channels and methods to elevate the club's profile. They explore various media outlets, social platforms, and community networks to ensure that news about the club's events, achievements, and opportunities reaches a wide audience. This team of dedicated members understands the power of publicity in building relationships and fostering a strong presence in the art world.

Facilitation and Execution:
Once the research phase is complete, the Publicity Committee moves into action, facilitating the club's publicity with precision and creativity. They design campaigns that capture the essence of the club's activities and values, engaging both current members and potential new audiences. The committee's efforts are not just about spreading information; they aim to tell a story that invites participation and support for the club's initiatives. By executing well-thought-out publicity strategies, they contribute significantly to the club's vibrancy and growth.

Monitoring and Adaptation:
The work of the Publicity Committee doesn't end with the launch of a campaign. They continuously monitor the effectiveness of their efforts, gathering feedback and analyzing data to measure impact. This allows them to adapt and refine their approaches, ensuring that the club's publicity remains fresh, relevant, and impactful. Through their commitment to ongoing improvement, the committee ensures that the Edmonton Art Club remains a prominent and esteemed figure in the local and broader art scene.

Vacant, Co-Ordinator

Vacant, Co-Ordinator

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