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Committees and Committee Guidelines

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Newsletter Committee

Committee Structure and Roles:
The Newsletter Committee is a dynamic team comprising six or more dedicated members. Within this ensemble, distinct roles come into play.

First, we have the Editor and Production Director, who orchestrates the entire creative process.

The Contributors, journalists, writers, and content creators, breathe life into our newsletter. Their diverse perspectives infuse each issue with richness. Together, this committee ensures that our artistic community stays informed, inspired, and connected.

Reaching a Wide Audience:
Our newsletter wields considerable influence, reaching over 1300 subscribers each month. Through a well-coordinated email campaign and strategic use of social media platforms, we disseminate art-related news, features, and updates. But that's not all—the heartbeat of our artistic endeavors extends to our website. With an average of 500 international visitors, our online presence transcends borders. Whether it's showcasing member achievements, spotlighting upcoming events, or celebrating creative milestones, our newsletter bridges the gap between artists and enthusiasts worldwide.

Advertising and Relationship Building:
The Advertising arm of our committee plays a pivotal role in sustaining our artistic ecosystem. Their mission? To secure advertisements from art-related (and sometimes non-art-related) businesses. These partnerships not only fund our endeavors but also enhance our community's visibility. While maintaining relationships with our consistent advertisers, the team occasionally scouts for new collaborators. It's a delicate dance—balancing financial support with artistic integrity. Through these efforts, our newsletter remains a beacon, illuminating the shared passion that unites us all.

Rob Guetre - Editor and Production Director

Vacant - Advertising

Betty Dean - Contributor

Mary Frances Fitzgerald - Contributor

Seraya Smit - Contributor

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