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Committees and Committee Guidelines

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Librarian Committee

The Custodian of Knowledge: The Librarian's Role
The Librarian of the Edmonton Art Club is the custodian of our literary treasures, meticulously organizing and preserving a wealth of artistic knowledge. Within the library's walls lie books, periodicals, and catalogs that chronicle the evolution of art and the club's history. The Librarian ensures that these resources are not only stored but also cataloged with precision, making them easily accessible to members seeking inspiration or research material. This role is crucial in fostering an environment of continuous learning and artistic growth. By maintaining the library, the Librarian upholds the club's commitment to education and cultural enrichment.

Archiving and Accessibility: The Librarian's Craft
The Librarian's craft extends beyond mere storage; it's an art form that involves the careful documentation of each item in the library's collection. Every book, magazine, and video is recorded, and its relevance to the club's interests is evaluated. The Librarian creates a system that allows members to find and utilize these resources efficiently, whether for a casual read or an in-depth study. This organized approach ensures that the library remains a vibrant, living repository of art literature that evolves with the club's needs and interests.

Engagement and Service: The Librarian's Outreach
The Librarian's role is also one of engagement and service. They are the guide who assists members in navigating the library's offerings, providing recommendations and insights into the collection. The Librarian may also organize events such as book readings or discussions that highlight the library's resources and encourage members to delve deeper into the world of art. Through these efforts, the Librarian strengthens the club's intellectual foundation and fosters a community of well-informed and culturally savvy artists.

Barb Stachow - Librarian

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