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Committees and Committee Guidelines

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Historian Committee

Preserving the Past: The Role of the Historian
Since its inception in 1921, the Edmonton Art Club has recognized the importance of preserving its history. J. Gordon Sinclair, a visionary among our founding members, initiated the tradition of meticulously documenting every aspect of the club's journey. From the minutes of meetings to show brochures, every document has been carefully archived. This treasure trove of information is not just a collection of papers; it's the narrative of our club's enduring legacy.

The Living Archive:
A Continuous Endeavor Our historian is not merely a guardian of the past but an active chronicler of the present. With each passing month, new chapters are added to our story through newsletters, event pamphlets, and flyers. These documents are seamlessly integrated into our existing archives, ensuring that our history is always up-to-date. The historian's role is pivotal in capturing the evolving spirit of the club, making sure that future generations can trace the rich tapestry of our artistic endeavors.

Engagement and Inquiry:
The Historian's Outreach The historian's responsibilities extend beyond archiving. She serves as a liaison to the public, fielding inquiries and sharing insights into the club's storied past. Her knowledge is invaluable, providing context and continuity to those seeking to understand the club's impact on the local art scene. Through her efforts, the Edmonton Art Club's history is not just preserved but shared, celebrated, and appreciated by both members and the wider community.

Johanne Septou - Historian

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