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Committees and Committee Guidelines

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Grant Committee

The Grants Committee develops strategy around grants, identify grant opportunities, implement specific grant awards, evaluate successful projects, and streamline future proposals.

Strategic Development and Opportunity Identification:
The Grants Committee is a strategic powerhouse within the organization, dedicated to the pursuit of funding opportunities that align with our mission and vision. They are the scouts on the lookout for new grants, analyzing each for viability and potential impact. This team not only identifies opportunities but also crafts a tailored approach for each grant application, ensuring that proposals resonate with the grantors' objectives. Their work is a blend of foresight and precision, aiming to secure resources that will empower and expand our programs. The committee's expertise in developing a robust grant strategy is instrumental in propelling the organization forward.

Implementation and Evaluation:
Once a grant is within reach, the Grants Committee shifts gears from strategists to implementers. They meticulously oversee the allocation of funds, ensuring that each grant award is utilized effectively and in accordance with the grantor's stipulations. But their role doesn't end with implementation; they also take on the mantle of evaluators. By assessing the success of funded projects, they glean valuable insights that inform future applications. This cycle of implementation and evaluation is crucial—it's how the committee refines its approach, learning and adapting to become more effective with each proposal.

Financial Sustainability through Grants:
The Grants Committee understands the critical role that grant funding plays in the financial sustainability of our organization. Grants are not just a bonus; they are a lifeline that supports our continued operational success. The funds secured through these grants are pivotal, covering essential expenses such as rent and other operating costs. This financial support enables us to maintain our facilities, provide resources for our programs, and ensure that our members have a conducive environment for artistic pursuits.

Long-Term Planning and Stability:
With an eye on the future, the Grants Committee also focuses on the long-term stability of the organization. They recognize that consistent grant funding is key to our ability to plan ahead and make strategic decisions. By securing grants, we can forecast our budget with greater confidence, invest in the growth of our programs, and continue to serve our community effectively. The committee's proactive approach to identifying and applying for grants ensures that we can keep our doors open and our mission thriving.

Betty Dean - Chair

Vacant - Co-Chair

Vacant - Committee Member

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