Karen McFarlane
Cynthia Carson
Mary Dolynchuk
Helen Weeks
Lori Frank
Jenny Rodrigue
Andrew Bedingfield
Jasmin Alstad
Ruth Baker-Bailey
Sharon Bongers
Nola Bukvi
Donna Chamberland
Connie Clarke
Helen Davies
Betty Dean
Gail Farewell
Jan Fraser
Jani Galarneau
Rob Guetre
Frances Hessels
Mona Innes
Rhea Jansen
Penny Lamnek
Renee Lippa
Rob Losie
Eleanor MacAllister
Anne McCartney
Joyce McCoy
David Nash
Kerralee Nelson
Linda Nelson
Keith Nunas
Leona Olausen
Aeris Osborne
Diana Panizzon
Mary Pemberton
Helen Richards
Johanne Septou
Shirley Sigurdson
Seraya Smit
Marge Somkuti
Richard St Amant
Barbara Stachow
Alberta Hotel (CKUA Lobby)
"The Notes We Cannot Hear"
May 1 to June 18
Second show June 19 to July 31
Art Gallery of Alberta

12/09/2021 to 14/11/2021

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Members online art show

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Cancelled until further notice

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Shadow on Concrete Wall
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