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About Us

We feature an eclectic group of Visual Artists who are disciplined in mixed media application, painting in acrylic, oil, and watercolour, drawing/sketching, ceramic, clay, stone carving, wood carving and wood burning, printmaking, textiles and sculpture.

We offer monthly artwork critiques by accredited critics

Art criticism is an important facet in the process of creating, sharing, and understanding art.  What makes art so important is its ability to evoke a variety of responses and emotions.  Art criticism is the practice of presenting questions and perspectives on a work, and by result, encouraging discussion.

In many ways critique is crucial for artistic development.   

Don’t fear it, instead embrace what it can do for you.

Our roster of art critics is ever-evolving, with fresh perspectives introduced monthly and annually. Keep abreast of the latest critics by frequently checking our website.

September 2024

Julie Drew

April 2024

Kim Fjordbotten

November 2023

Randy Hayhashi

February 2024

Campbell Wallace

September 2023

Karen Bishop



Exclusive member information and guidelines

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