Myrna Wilkinson

Myrna was born and raised in Saskatchewan where she also took her nurses’ training. After working there and in Alberta as a Registered Nurse, she lived with her husband, Bruce, in Edmonton, Boston, Saskatoon, London Ontario, Ottawa, and England prior to moving permanently back to Edmonton in 1967. They have a son and two daughters, married and also living in Edmonton, who have blessed them with nine grandchildren ages 15 to 24.

Myrna paints mainly in watercolour, but also uses acrylics and oils on occasion. She frequently paints with watercolour on rice paper, using wax-resist techniques. Her subjects include landscapes and seascapes, various residential and farm scenes, flowers and flower gardens, and portraits.

Myrna has been an active member of the Edmonton Art Club since 1978 – 40 years – and has served the Club in variety of positions: President in 1988, Recording secretary, Social Convenor, Critique Organizer, Show-Hanging Committees and workshop participant. She has shown her paintings in every Annual EAC Fall Show as well as nearly all Spring Shows and most of the EAC Misericordia Art Shows.

She has also had four solo shows and several “two” and “three” artist shows such as at the former Johnson Gallery. Her paintings have been sold to many people in Edmonton and are in the collections of people in various countries such as the USA, England and New Zealand.

In 2006 Myrna was awarded the EAC Card-Alling Scholarship for watercolours, and in 2009 received the EAC Mildred Nelson Scholarship for Oils and Acrylics.

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