Ted Widen

I am a life-long photographer who became a painter about 10 years ago. My wife, Stanza, got me started with oil paints when I expressed a desire to give it a try. She has been my mentor since then, and I paint regularly now.

I try to reflect the beauty that I see in our environment and in the places where we have been fortunate to visit and live.

My art style is "realism", primarily with landscapes and wildlife, but I have dabbled in pastels and acrylics as well. I have also worked with stones to make inuksuks, sketches on "scratch board." All my painted stones and Inuksuk sculptures are carefully selected from our local rivers' gravel beds.

I published calendars of local photos of the Bulkley Valley, as well as a Smithers Centennial Historical Calendar for 2013. The total press run was about 10,000 calendars.

For the Smithers Art Gallery centennial show I was fortunate to sell four artworks.

I now live here in Edmonton and am grateful to be accepted into the vibrant art world here.

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