Seraya Smit

"Art is a language, a form of creative expression. When you create a piece of art, you're essentially starting a conversation. You invite others to join the conversation as soon as you share your work. My goal is to produce art that is contemplative, interpretive, and uniquely expressed. I invite you to peruse my creative universe, where the language of art has no borders, and no boundaries..."

Seraya Smit is a Canadian artist originally from Amsterdam, Netherlands. She began painting as a form of artistic expression and has developed a distinct style of abstract perspective, enhanced by fresh, vibrant colours, creating strong compositions.

She enjoys painting with acrylic and mixed media, incorporating an assemblage of gels, pastes and mediums. Impasto technique influences her current trend of artistic exploration on stretched canvas, wood panels, boards and metal.

Seraya is currently Vice President and Webmaster/Designer for the Edmonton Art Club.

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