Shirley Sigurdson

I like to portray places, people, animals of significance to me, invoking a memory of an occasion, a holiday, even the wildlife I see in my own backyard. Or my son’s dog! The landscape of Alberta is always inspirational, and with Icelandic ancestry, I find the landscape of Iceland to be of especial interest as well as a challenge to paint.

Grew up in the Interlake of Manitoba. Worked in Winnipeg and Bermuda before moving to Edmonton in 1963. Worked at the Provincial Laboratory of Public Health for several years, then retired to be a housewife and mother. Took part time classes at the U of A to complete a B.Sc. in 1988, after which I began the art classes at Extension. My husband and I enjoy travel, and we have spent some of his sabbatical years in other places, such as Australia. Our ethnic background is Icelandic, and we enjoy very much visiting Iceland as well as the UK, New Zealand and several areas of the US. We also love our home in south Edmonton, on the banks of a ravine, where we have an active birdfeeder, and occasional visits by other wildlife.

As a hobby painter, my participation in shows has been rather limited: twice in the late 1990s showed in the annual show in my home town of Gimli, Manitoba, restricted to artists of Icelandic descent. I was awarded Best in Show, and an honourable mention.

I participated in the shows offered by the Twin Brooks Art club, to which I belonged for 5 years.

I have been in the Edmonton Art Club since 2000 and have participated in all but 2 or 3 of its shows, including the one I curated at the McMullen Gallery in 2010. I was awarded the ”Golden Brush” at the 2008 juried show.

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