Diana Panizzon

Born and raised in southern Italy, our family came to Canada when I was very young. Growing up I was inspired by many artists; Da Vinci, Renoir, the Group of Seven, Emily Carr, Georgia O’Keefe...their paintings dazzled with colour that swirled and danced on the canvas. Their exploration of beauty intrigued and moved me. I yearned for the ability to discover and create beauty.

Caught up with the challenges of life, work and raising a family, left little time to pursue my passion for the arts. However in 1999 I learned about the Fine Arts Certificate Program at the University of Alberta and quickly enrolled. At first I was somewhat hesitant to dip a brush in paint and apply colour to canvas, but I enjoyed the experience and eagerly awaited each new lesson. The years quickly passed and with the completion of the fine arts program and certificate in hand I gained confidence to continue painting.

Nature has a very strong connection with my emotions, thoughts and spirituality. I am conscience of the strong parallel that exists between it and my children. Through the effects of time I have seen both change, develop and grow, each to be appreciated for their own uniqueness. My primary focus is to paint nature with all its simplicities. To translate the splendor that surrounds me into an image before it changes is both rewarding and challenging. My hope is to develop art that speaks about the beauty that exists all around us, whether it be a simple flower or a large field I strive to capture its essence and give it the importance it deserves. I will continue with my art journey with the exploration of my simple surroundings and strive to push my imagination to create art that will speak to others as it has spoken to me.

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