Linda Nelson

The family farm where I was raised lies nestled among the rolling hills alongside the North Saskatchewan River. This beautiful setting has been the inspiration for my drawings, paintings and sculptures throughout my life. Growing up in this rural setting there was no access to art classes. I recall the journey from the farmhouse to the school being a long bus ride each day. As a child I would design and create with whatever materials were available and I entered local art contests and fairs. The prizes were often art supplies or vouchers, which I would use to purchase supplies such as paint and paper. While completing my high school education I had the opportunity to complete a Commercial Art Course through correspondence learning. This first formal introduction to art gave me my most valuable background in drawing, composition and design. After leaving the farm for a more urban locale I was able to study under numerous professors at the University of Alberta, Faculty of Extension. At the University I spent four years learning drawing, design, mixed media techniques, photography and watercolor painting.

As a self-taught sculptor, my skill and technique has continued to develop. I began creating simplistic clay nativity scenes and today sculpt large mystical figures and wizards. I have begun carving similar characters from rich Brazilian soapstone. It is my belief that, in painting, carving and sculpting, you can take away all of the tools from the artist, but you can never take away the art from within.

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