Kerralee Nelson

I am a self taught artist that grew up in Edmonton Alberta.

From the time I could hold a paintbrush my mom encouraged and guided me to art whether it was paintings, sculpting or just to play. Some of my best memories are digging clay out of the lake and creating silly sculptures or abstracts to bake in the campfire.

My art has been a huge part of my journey as a massage therapist and cranio sacral practitioner, allowing for self discovery and expression, helping me quiet my mind, de-stress and meditate as well as releasing my own inner struggles through painting.

I am currently working on integrating art into my cranio sacral practice, teaching my clients the benefits of art healing through body work.

I paint in many different mediums; watercolor, acrylic as well as encaustic wax. I play with soapstone and clay and I am currently exploring mixed media with lots of texture. Although I mainly paint florals, my style is evolving and changing as I grow and become more confident and find new insipration within myself and through my experiences

My inspirtion has mainly come from my mother and family, my time at our lake lot and the traveling I have done. It comes through gardening, body work, meditation, grief and change as well as willingness to try new things.

I am always seaking new inspiration and growth, I look forward to whatever is presented to me.

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