Eleanor MacAllister

I choose watercolours because they allow one to wander. They are unpredictable and they are challenging. They lend themselves to experimentation, to trying new combinations of color, texture, paper, and tools. They provide an infinite range of colours, flowing from transparency to the opaque. Flowing lines, movement, and color. Rewarding results are so very satisfying!

And now I find that I prefer small pleasures in my life rather than the grand purposes of yesteryear. Watercolours provide many small pleasures.

I was born and raised in Edmonton, and have also lived in West Vancouver BC, Raleigh NC, Columbia SC, and Washington DC. Sixteen years ago I “came back home”.

I have been interested in art, especially the use of colour and creative techniques, since elementary school. However, try as I would, I could not draw and put my artistic career on hold. About 10 years ago, I began taking classes in the Visual Arts Certification program at UAlberta Extension, specializing in drawing and watercolour. Retirement has given me the time to pursue adventures in watercolour. I joined the Laurier Heights Arts Society and paint with them two afternoons a week. To advance my knowledge, I became an adjudicated member of the Edmonton Art Club.

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