Renee Lippa

The human condition allows the melding of feeling and emotion in the perception of moments. Nothing is simply seen, rather it is felt burning a memory in the mind.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but a painting can transport you to another world and enchant your senses. Whether it is a memory of trees swaying in the wind on a warm summer day or a precious moment gazing over a field of flowers with a loved one, I aspire to draw the viewer in to create their own story.

My goal as an artist is to not only stimulate the mind with lucid imagery but also encourage the viewer to use their other senses. Can you hear the sounds of wind through heavy branches by a lakeshore, or the crash of waves on a beach at sunset?

Stimulation of the senses is where mixed media excels. The ambiguities of various mediums brought together mimic the chaotic melding elements in our natural environments. Whether it is imagining the course stiffness of a cougar’s fur or the soft pull of a fishing net fluttering in a breeze.

I hope my paintings succeed in taking you to another place and allow time to stand still for just a moment.

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