Rhea Jansen

I love to paint en plein air but I do my best work in my studio where the weather conditions are perfect and there are few distractions. I love to draw, the more complex and intricate the better, but I try to simplify the composition when painting.

Bright, vivid colours excite me, but I also enjoy the subtle nuances of soft grays and muted hues. I love it all: making marks on paper or canvas, exploring the variety of subject matter and media, learning more by attending workshops and experimenting with new techniques.

Robert Genn must have had me in mind when he wrote; “Painting is a job for a certain type of person, sort of a stubborn individualist with a strong focus and a butterfly mind.” Although I flit from one idea to another and explore a variety of materials and methods, I persist in trying to capture a mood, a feeling or a passage of light. My artistic passion is to create stunning paintings that make the viewer think, wonder and enjoy.

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