Mona Innes

I love painting and expressing my version of the world on a canvas. My favorite thing to do is engage in the world in which we live in and embrace the uniqueness of nature and manmade objects we all too often take for granted. The name of each of my paintings is very important to me. I am fascinated with the English language and the colloquialisms that are often culturally created. In a world where language and communication is changing, I love to express art through the use of North American Colloquialisms giving the viewer of the Art piece a new way of looking at the language we speak on a day to day basis. As a self taught Artist, I began painting in 2002. My favorite medium is Acrylic on Canvas or Wood. I paint a variety of subject matter from Landscapes to Still Life and Fantasy. I hope when a viewer looks at my art that the still life dances for them, that they are able to walk through my landscapes, and when viewing my fantasy pieces, able to change their spiritual ideas. I enjoy mixing techniques between realism and impressionism, applying glazes and layers of color that change under varying lights. Often my paintings will offer the viewer a thrilling surprise under low lights and a brand new perspective under bright lights. My goal in every piece is to mesmerize the viewer while creating a conversation with the title.

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