Rob Guetre

I am largely self-taught. Over the years I have been a part of various art groups and cooperatives. My best education took place over a period of 3 years at the Forum Art Institute in Winnipeg informally receiving instruction from the founder Nikola Bjelajac. My experience there set me on a direct path to what I now consider the real overarching purpose of visual art (art of any type really) as a sophisticated language of emotion.

Although my paintings (just like the drawings) are rendered realistically, I admire the looser techniques of the impressionists. I sense a need to develop my personal style and this affords me freedom to experiment, which I very much enjoy.

I have to learn to walk before I can dance. My “walking” is the realistic works I produce, to hone technique. My experiments, my “dancing”, which I have indulged in more and more lately, are a way to find an artistic style. I am not there yet. I find something to admire and emulate in Sargent’s work, in Rembrandt’s, in Van Gogh’s, in many artists of the past. For me, this is a path to discovery. I may never stop learning.

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