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Guidelines and Information

Submission guidelines for your member profile page have changed to reflect the following:


  • submission will now only be accepted once per year during the September rotation.

  • deadline is September 30.


This new guideline allows for a consistent exhibiting gallery, with the entire gallery turning over once per annum (during the September rotation).   


New submissions will only be accepted during the month of September, unless special arrangement has been made with the webmaster.

  • Eight images per member.  7 for the gallery, 1 for your BIO icon.  Please indicate which image you prefer for your BIO icon, located on the "Our Members" section of the website.  What is a BIO icon?


If you not replacing all your images, indicate which ones will be replaced.

All submitted images to include the following:

  • title

  • medium

  • size

  • cropped without the frame showing

  • eliminate glare (if behind glass, suggest removing it from the frame before taking the photo)

  • PNG or tiff format preferred

  • BIO maximum of 250 words  


Members will receive a "reminder" email from the webmaster, Seraya Smit. 

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BIO Icon

Questions?  contact Seraya Smit