Commemorative Book

Commemorative Book Team:      Seraya Smit, Betty Dean, Ted Widen

  1. The Commemorative Book is driving our timeline.  The Commemorative Book Team are working within our own deadlines to complete the book on or about April 1, 2021. 

  2. Commemorative Book will comprise of, among other items, a member 2 page spread consisting of AGA artwork image (no substitutions), BIO, Self Image and image of their mural tiles.   

  3. Ted will need 4 weeks for editing images.  There are 174 images (42 artwork images, 42 head shot images and 90 images of the tiles.  My deadline to submit all the images to Ted is February 28, 2021.  The "Ted" deadline allows him one month to complete the book, pushing us to the end of March.  College Copy will need 2 weeks for printing and delivery.  That cuts us really close (2 weeks) before The ATB show on May 1.

  4. The triangle of our 100 Years initiative is the marriage between the Mural, The AGA and The Book.  All other 2021 initiatives are independent of the triangle, albeit with as much significance and importance.

  5. The book will be published with copies available for purchase.  We will be asking members to pre-purchase their copies.  Copies will be offered for sale at all of our Shows and Exhibits, as well as the AGA Gift Shop for the duration of our exhibit at the AGA.

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