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Executive Committee

Critic Committee

The Critic Committee organizes the monthly art critique. The committee comprises three members, Critique Organizer, Critique Writer and Critique Image Photographer.

Ada Wong, Critic Organizer
Jenny Rodrigue, Critique Writer
Betty Dean, Critique Photographer

Guidelines and Information Documents

Historical Committee

The Historian compiles information on past and present members, keeps records of all group shows and individual artists’ shows and provides information as requested.

Johanne Septou, Co-Ordinator

Guidelines and Information Documents

Newsletter Committee

The EAC publishes monthly issues of a newsletter that go out to subscribers as printed copies and for online distribution.

Rob Guetre, Editor and Production Director
Betty Dean, Newsletter Contributor
Marge Somkuti, Newsletter Advertising

Guidelines and Information Documents

Scholarship Committee

The Scholarship Committee reviews and juries the annual members-only scholarship essays and awards a recipient.

Betty Dean
Rhea Jansen

Guidelines and Information Documents

Social Media Committee

The Edmonton Art Club has social media presence on Facebook and Instagram. Admin role, Editor role, and moderator role.

Seraya Smit, Admin
Jasmin Alstad, Moderator/Editor

Guidelines and Information Documents

Workshop Committee

The Workshop Committee researches, develops and facilitates the workshop program.

Jani Galarneau, Co-Ordinator
Seraya Smit

Guidelines and Information Documents

Grants Committee

The Grants Committee develops strategy around grants, identify grant opportunities, implement specific grant awards, evaluate successful projects, and streamline future proposals.

Betty Dean, Co-Ordinator
Donna Chamberland
Andrew Bedingfield
Nola Bukvi

Guidelines and Information Documents

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee comprise of two members who are responsible to facilitate the membership process for new and existing members.

Jan Fraser
Marge Somkuti

Guidelines and Information Documents

Rental Committee

The Rental Committee secures rental space for monthly meetings and workshops.

Seraya Smit
Jani Galarneau
Betty Dean

Guidelines and Information Documents

Social Committee /Convenor

The Social Committee ensures the club has a structure to facilitate social interaction among its members, taking into account the diversity of the membership.

Jani Galarneau
Seraya Smit

Guidelines and Information Documents

Webmaster Committee

The webmaster is responsible for maintaining and designing elements for the website, ensuring the site is functioning properly and are available to users.

Seraya Smit, WebMaster and WebDesigner

Guidelines and Information Documents