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Committees and Committee Guidelines

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Critique Committee

The Critic Committee organizes the monthly art critique and Annual Juried Show critic. The committee comprises three members, Critique Organizer, Critique Writer and Critique Image Photographer.

The Critic Committee: A Portrait of Artistic Evaluation
The Critic Committee of the Edmonton Art Club is an essential cog in the wheel of artistic development and recognition. This committee is tasked with the organization of the monthly art critique sessions and the Annual Juried Show, providing artists with valuable feedback and exposure.

Roles and Responsibilities:
At its core, the committee is composed of three pivotal roles: the Critic Organizer, the Critique Writer, and the Critique Image Photographer.

Critic Organizer is the maestro, orchestrating the selection of critics from a curated list of past contributors. This role involves reaching out and securing a critic for each monthly meeting, except for the dormant months of July, August, and December. Additionally, the organizer ensures that critic information is relayed to the webmaster in a timely manner—ideally six to four months in advance—for optimal website engagement.

Communication and Presentation:
The Critic Organizer also plays a diplomatic role, drafting letters to the critics that detail their duties and honorariums. At the meetings, the organizer introduces the critic, providing a brief yet informative biography to the audience. This introduction not only honors the critic's contributions but also sets the stage for the critique session.

Documentation and Publication:
The Critique Writer is the scribe of the committee, diligently taking notes during the critique process. As the critic discusses each artwork, the writer captures their insights, which are later forwarded to the newsletter committee. These notes serve as a written record of the critic's perspectives and are published in the newsletter alongside images of the critiqued pieces.

Visual Archiving:
The Critique Image Photographer is the visual historian, capturing images of the submitted artworks during the critique sessions. These photographs are then sent to the newsletter team, ensuring that the visual essence of each piece is preserved and shared with the club's wider audience.

Collaborative Synergy:
Together, these three roles create a harmonious synergy that not only enhances the club's artistic dialogue but also fosters a culture of continuous learning and appreciation. Through their combined efforts, the Critic Committee elevates the club's mission of nurturing and celebrating the artistic journey.

Judy White - Critic Organizer

Jenny Rodrigue - Critique Photographer

Jenny Rodrigue - Critique Writer

Yvonne Bilan-Wallace - back up photographer

Rob Guetre - back up photographer

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