Join the Edmonton Art Club

Thank you for your interest in the Edmonton Art Club ("EAC").  As a prerequisite for acceptance of a membership application, it is incumbent that the applicant must have attended two of the EAC regular meetings in order to, (1) experience what the club has to offer and; (2) to determine if the EAC would be relevant to their art process.  

Our meetings are held the second Thursday of every month at The Orange Hub, Room #108, 10045 - 156 St NW, Edmonton, AB , (hiatus for July and August).   Access from the parking lot at the back of the building. Contact our Membership Committee to prearrange meeting attendance.  

All new members are juried ino the EAC as per the EAC Membership Prerequisites outlined below.

Membership Prerequisites are as follows (from the exerpts of the EAC bylaws)

Applicants for membership must apply in writing on the form supplied.

(d) Applicants are required to submit six samples of their work which includes one drawing/sketch produced within the previous three years.  Applicants are passed by secret ballot at an executive meeting called for that purpose, and become associate members

(a) Full members and Associate members are expected to attend regularly at general meetings. All those attending 5 or more meetings and submitting 5 or more original paintings for critique shall be entitled to submit 5 (or number specified by executive) at the yearly exhibition or any other major show of the Edmonton Art Club

10. In the event of non attendance at meetings or failure to produce original work the executive committee may after 12 months delete the defaulting members name off the role, after having given due notice of such procedure to the member in question. In special circumstances leave of absence may be granted on written request.

Rubric for Jurying

Original/not copied --/5

Skill with media --/5

Courses/background --/5

Composition/design --/5

Potential --/5