About Us


The Edmonton Art Club encourages the production of original work among its members by means of monthly meetings and critiques, by holding exhibitions, and by encouraging the public to appreciate the value of original art work.

Established in 1921 with fourteen Charter Members, the Edmonton Art Club is the oldest continuing art organization in Alberta. It has been instrumental in helping to lay the foundation for the development of the visual arts in our province.  Follow the link entitled "The Changing Picture" for an indepth historical overview of the Edmonton Art Club.

The Club never functioned in isolation, but contributed to other organizations. In 1923, the art section of the local Council of Women approached the Edmonton Art Club with a plan to develop a permanent collection of art for the city. Through their cooperative efforts and the Art Association, the Edmonton Museum of Art (renamed the Edmonton Art Gallery in 1956) was founded.

The Club has an average of 50 members from year to year and is comprised of people from all walks of life, all of whom share an appreciation of the visual arts and encourage artistic achievement. Counted among its impressive alumni are, to name a few, Len Gibbs, Thelma Manarey, Meridith Evans, Jerry Heine, Ilda Lubane and Vivian Theirfelder.

Alberta's artistic community is recognized and continues to flourish. The Edmonton Art Club is proud of its continuing involvement in this community and for its historical role in advancing the visual arts in the province.